In Uganda at least 7 million people lack access to the most basic healthcare , often because Uganda is a low developing country a number of healthcare institutes in the country are still under construction , according to Ugandan Health Report, Upfront Volunteers recommends that in order to achieve this goal we need ” right workers with right skills in the right place doing the right things.” Owing to this reason, the need for healthcare has skyrocketed in recent years. It is clear that an non-governmental organization (NGO) needed to be formed to promote healthcare volunteering and work in a rapidly growing Uganda.

To realize this dream, Upfront Volunteers was founded on January 1, 2011 by Sarah Kigoye , Public Dental Officer works as a dentist with Kisah Dental Clinic who realized the need for volunteerly work in Uganda

Upfront Volunteers is currently a non-profit organization in the Uganda .


  • Our mission is to empower any individual to make an impact in communities of Uganda. We connect volunteers to health-related volunteering opportunities any time, .