Volunteers can choose on a variety of project activities from teaching in schools ,helping in a community,orphanage

Volunteers may be professionals,students,gap year students,and retirees who want to keep up their skills

Volunteer  Doctors,Dentists,Nurses,Labaratory Technicians and non medical staff are required to treat  communities in rural and urban development areas around the country.

If you are open minded and flexible medical professional and are in Uganda for the whole experience rather than seeing yourself purely as a service provider then you gain alot from this volunteer opportunity.

Volunteers are expected to find a difference in how healthcare is delivered,they may find themselves doing very different work to their usual practice. This can be both frustrating and very rewarding  depending on your expectations.

We can have pre-medical, dental students that have an intention for this field, or dentist who can give an extra hand during a gap year.

Doctors-will  work directly with patients in coordination with local staff and doctors at the clinic.

Qualified doctors and nurses are able to diagnose and treat diseases. They can also stitch and dress wounds, give fluids, perform histories, physical examinations, and other minor surgical procedures like circumcision.

Medical students can interact with patients and enter theatres to observe procedures others participate in home based programmes like visiting HIV patients and help them with medication

Dental students, help clean teeth, oral examinations, treatments such as simple fillings, extraction of teeth,
Nurses may assist staff in minor procedures such as taking blood, giving injections, and setting up the entire work place, doing tests

Non health workers may help in after care of patients, volunteer counselling and testing for  HIV/AIDS and what follows next after the results.

Non health workers can help communities to improve their health with proper knowledge of sanitation, drinking clean boiled water, hand washing methods..and conserving water.

The duration of the project will require 3-12weeks

Volunteers are expected to live with host families within a shared house accommodation a bed is provided and usually the washing facilities are shared with other members of the family.

Breakfast is provided and normally includes tea, milk, eggs, toast, juice

Lunch is not included (you can however pack a back of crisp and a drink)or buy from the site of work
Dinner is provided and it includes locally prepared meals.

Programme coordinator-senior health coordinator..Coordinates

Health coordinator..Village health workers who will coordinate communities to volunteers

Time table
Monday-Fridays…9.00a.m-4pm with an hour lunch break.
Transport is available to place of accommodation